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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 3, 2012 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [meow] [laughter] craig: we learned that beth, the cbs executive didn't know the affiliate in san pedro, didn't
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we? >> we did. [laughter] craig: how could you possibly make it up to these lovely citizens of san pedro, who are by the way, let's not forget, connected. >> you ladies are going to dinner at the ivy. craig: at the ivy! [applause] thank you, beth. good night, everybody. good night. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ♪
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how much it could cost by friday. how they're explaing yeah, you think your gas is expensive now, wait till you hear how much it could cost by friday. and how they're explaining the sudden spike this time around. >> i really think that he's going to come home soon. >> missing for two weeks, the search for a bay area man who disappeared without a trace two blocks away from home. >> my dad shed a little tear. >> something remarkable caught on a home surveillance camera. who is this mystery man and why is he kissing the flag? good evening. >> enjoy it while it lasts, because it's not going to last much longer. looking outside right now it is still 70-degrees in san
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francisco after another record- setting day. past been so hot in san jose they closed the park because of fire danger. close to no humidity. paul joins us with a look at how hot it got. >> the two hottest days of the year for many of you. triple digits once again. well into the 90s for richmond, redwood city. new report set in concord. we're looking at temperatures topping in the 90s. in downtown san francisco for the second straight day care same story for oakland. hottest two day stretch of weather in downtown. it's all changing. coming up, find out who will be 30 degrees cooler this time tomorrow. that's coming up in the forecast in a few minutes. >> you can blame it on the heat. s that their excuse this time. gasoline prices are soaring
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again. you might want to fill up in the next day or two. cbs 5 reporter on how much prices could spike by friday. it's too hot, that's the excuse? >> reporter: exactly. the experts are predicting that gas could be somewhere in the neighborhood of $4.50 by the end of the week. they're blaming a host of maintenance problems at refineries. one in particular in southern california couldn't take the heat. the record heat that's been sweeping across the state was apparently too much for the power grid in southern california. the exxon mobile shut down yesterday. a transformer mal functioned. compare that with the chevron refinery in richmond and you have a perfect storm for gas prices. the wholesale cost shot up $1.06 in a week.
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retail prices could spike by 30 cents. station owners may have oh sell unleaded at $4.75 just to break even. it's going to be painful for deb, whose suv gets 12 miles to the gallon in the city. blaming high gas prices on the heat is farfetched. >> the gas company finds any reason they can. if it's going to be the heat, it's just another excuse. >> reporter: if california doesn't pick up production soon we could see a worse case scenario of $5 gas. for the lowest gas prices check out >> how does someone disappear without a trace? that's what family and friends of a missing bay area man want to know. he was last seen leaving a friend's house just a couple of blocks from home. that was two weeks ago. juliet good rich on the heart
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felt search to figure out what happened. >> i really think he's going to come home soon. >> reporter: friends and family gather at sacred hart and church to pray for eric garcia's safe return home. this guy with a big heart went missing mysteriously. >> it's out of character for my brother. >> reporter: he left a friend's house on a harley davidson. he got a phone call and said he'd be back. his home two blocks away police say they have no leads, no trace of him. it's like he just vanished. >> when he wasn't home that next morning when we got up we knew something was wrong. >> everyone was out there. big teddy bear. >> reporter: at tonight's vigil everyone dressed in white t- shirts and jeans like eric. they put together a facebook page where more than a thousand
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people have signed on to help find him. 5'10", 350 pounds with a harley davidson tattooed on the back of his head. his family worries about his serious heart condition requiring daily medication, beta-blockers. >> love him very much and hoping for him to be home safe. >> reporter: not only was eric garcia a hard worker but friends say he also volunteered his time. police say they're reviewing cell phone records but his family says if he hasn't called home, something isn't right. anyone with information is urged to contact san jose police immediately. in san jose, juliet goodrich, cbs 5. >> another crazy night at oakland city hall. take a look. as the city council was trying to head off another disruptive
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demonstration. they gave protesters another reason to cut loose. >> reporter: there were dozens of protesters locked outside of the city council chambers. they came to rail against the death of an oakland man. tonight city leaders crushed their first amendment rights. chaos outside the council chamber. 50 protesters locked outside, doors guarded by police. while those who made it inside called for officers to open the doors. they came here to speak out against the shooting of allen bluford who police say was armed with a gun. >> miguel murdered allen in cold blood and that you are covering up a racist murder. >> reporter: protesters shut down last week's city council
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meeting. banning protesters from sitting in the rafters and setting up overflow rooms instead. >> it's a rule to have always been clear if the crowd is too large then you establish a secondary place where people can watch. >> they've got those doors closed. >> reporter: they claim the city has suppressed information about their son's death. >> i want to know -- >> reporter: tonight after five months a city council member handed the family a police report they've been waiting for. their lawyer says the report is heavily redacted and does not include a statement from the officer who shot bluford. but despite initial reports, bluford never fired a shot. for the attention it's a step, but far from the justice they say is due. city officials said today they closed off the balconies as a safety measure. they would not say whether they'll do it again down the
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road. live in oakland. >> that meeting certainly wasn't the worst thing that oakland police had to deal with today. they have opened up five new homicide investigations just since last night. that's when two men were killed in separate shootings on mcarthur boulevard and this morning two more men gunned down in a parked car. then this afternoon if you can believe it, a fifth man shot to death as he sat on his porch in east okayland. >> we are less than 24 hour ace way from the first presidential debate. the stage is set in colorado. stand ins tested the lighting this afternoon at the university of denver. when president obama and governor mitt romney meet face to face tomorrow night it will be one of the very few times they've spent any quality time together. more on that and their strategies. >> reporter: flash back to 2008 and there they are. then senator barack obama and
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mitt romney sharing a few moments on stain after back to back democratic and republican presidential debates in new hampshire. they ran into each other at a labor day parade in 2007. these are just two of the three times men have seen each other in person. flash forward to 2012. romney briefly stopped for lunch. >> people want to know who's going to win, who is going to score the punches. >> reporter: president obama spent the day near las vegas where his rehearsal with senator john kerry. >> they're keeping me indoors all the time. it's a drag. they're making me do my homework. >> reporter: at a rally in denver, romney seemed to down play reports his campaign has prepped him with zingers. >> it's not so much winning and
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losing or even the people themselves, the president and myself, it's about something bigger than that. it'll be a conversation with the american people that will span almost answer month. >> reporter: romney has softened his position on immigration. he will honor the president's recent stopgap measure allowing the children of illegal workers to stay in the country until immigration reform is passed. the first debate is focused on domestic issues. mitt romney and president obama will spend the first half tackling the economy and second half addressing healthcare and other national concerns. >> and cbs 5 will have special live coverage of the presidential debate beginning tomorrow night at 6:00. >> coming up, more airplane seats coming through during flight. tonight we know why. what american airlines says is the problem. >> i eat healthy food so i can stay healthy. >> get your money's worth at
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the grocery store. the five common food tricks you shouldn't fall for. >> this home surveillance camera captured something surprising. >> reminds me how good this country can be. >> how we tracked down this mystery man. his surprising story. coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the seats on its 7- 57 jetsp tipp if you believe american airlines then it's mystery solved. american says it's figured out why the seats on its jets keep
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coming loose and tipping over during mid flight. has happened three times. you turns out the airline has been recon figuring its cabins to create extra leg room in certain rows. those seats can then be sold at a premium. in a statement today american blamed the problem on human error saying some rows of seats were incorrectly reanchorred to the floor tracks. the airline insists the problems have nothing to do with an on going labor dispute. some aviation experts say this must be more than just a coincidence. >> it would be detrimental to their flight scheduling if they admitted to passengers that there are possible job actions that could endanger their lives. >> american says it's own mechanics are evaluating all 757s. they have inspected 36 so far and discovered that six of them had the clamps installed
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incorrectly. union workers insist this is not a case of sabotage. >> usually we show you surveillance video that captures a crime or some other terrible thing. not tonight. a viewer e-mailed us a clip of what his camera recorded outside of his front door. it's a quiet but powerful act of respect for our country. >> reporter: usually no red flags go up when surveillance video. >> i watch the mailman come and drop the mail off. >> reporter: but a stunning theme grabbed his attention last week. >> it struck me. >> reporter: a man walking toward the front door removed his hat, kisses the american flag, salutes it and goes on his way. phillip, an american citizen who immigrated that poland played video again and again. >> i showed it to my family. >> reporter: so who is this man and what's the story behind his
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reaction to old glory? we tracked him down through this flyer. the flyer advertises a house cleaning service. turns out the man isn't even an american. he's 70-year-old renee dominguez. the retired car salesmen has been visiting for several months. when his son goes to work renee spends a couple of hours a day passing out fliers for his daughter-in-law's business. renee says he had no clue surveillance cameras were watching him. he was just expressing his deep appreciation for america's military and deep economic support of el salvador. >> el salvador feels protected because the u.s. helps us out so much. that makes us very proud.
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>> reporter: renee pushed his son to finally become an american citizen after living in the bay area for years. >> he thinks that the u.s. is the greatest country in the world. he knows that anyone that comes to this country can succeed in anything they want. >> reporter: we took renee back to the house to meet phillip and father and son got to see the american tribute for the first time. you can't tell that renee is singing the national anthem. >> it's touching. reminds me how good this country can be. >> reporter: renee will return to el salvador next month. till then he plans to keep giving old glory his glory.
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>> very touching. all right. so what would you do with a hawaiian island? would you surf? would you sit on the beach? larry i'llly son wants to experiment on his island. ellison says he plans to turn it into a lab for environmentally friendly practices. he hopes to convert sea water into fresh water. he >> you can't go into a grocery store without seeing products that boast how healthy they are, how good they are for you. we have found five specific health claims that you should take with a grain of salt. cbs 5 reporter on how to stretch your paycheck by not falling for those healthy gimmicks. >> reporter: it seems everything is on a health kick. >> eat healthy food so i can
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stay healthy. >> there's a big emphasis on health. >> reporter: registered dietitian says not all of the claims are really worth paying extra for. >> it's really all about marketing and getting the consumer to buy their product. >> reporter: number one the let's, olive oil. it's front and center on many cracker boxes. >> there is not a whole lot of olive oil in there. >> reporter: it's the second to last ingredient in these crackers and dead last in these. claim number two, made with real fruit. it's all over products marketed for kids and health conscious grown ups. >> the real fruit is lemon peel. >> reporter: that's something that's all too common. >> apple concentrate or flavoring or something that contains a remnant of a fruit. >> reporter: then there's all natural. it's a term that's only regulated when it comes to meat and poultry. in everything else it doesn't
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mean much. fourth, added vitamins and nutrients. many of those additions don't help your body or wallet. take this vitamin water. >> the average american is getting more than enough of these in other foods. >> reporter: rounding out our top five, made with whole grain. all that really means is that there's some whole grain in the product. if you really want whole grain, make sure it's the first ingredient ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you have heard the saying don't judge a book by its cover. the spine is a different story. >> a new san francisco bay area guide is well on its way become ago collector's edition. look closeically and you'll see san francisco is spelled incorrectly. zagat says they corrected the copies and they're on their way to the store shelves. >> it's hard to misspell hot. that's kind of what we had. h-o-t. great moon rise over the bay bridge earlier this evening. another clear day. another hot day. take a look at the temperatures outside right thousand. much of september was below this mid afternoon. now it's 11:00 at night. we're still in the 70s.
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downtown san francisco is the warm spot right now after a high of 94. these nights are long and humidity is low. we'll drop to the 50s for the most part. freemont, 59. san jose your morning temperature tomorrow, 61 degrees. changes tomorrow. downtown san francisco, 27 degrees cooler from 94 down to 67 tomorrow. because the on shore flow is coming back. we'll get that cool pacific ocean influence. the pattern change begins tomorrow. low pressure right over top of us. busy weekend. so many events in san francisco. we have the races on the water. everything. playoff baseball. and we're only going to have highs in the 60s coming up this weekend. inland areas will barely be into the mid70s. oakland back down to normal.
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highs around 79 for freemont. walnut creek. cooler weather continues as we get toward the weekend. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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celebration, the a's had noe for a stake: ft place in the american league following last night's wild celebration the a's had no time for a hangover. at stake first place in the american league west.
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they'll get a best of five playoff. last year travis was pitching in south korea. tonight the biggest game of his career and he came up big. six innings of one-run baseball. they were down in the fifth when norris singled. nelson cruz bobbles the baseball. two runs score. the a's have a 2-1 lead. they needed some insurance and got it from that man. gomes got a piece of the rock. one strike away. just like last night grant gets the strikeout to end it. the a's win 3-1. they're tied for first in the american league west with one game to go. tomorrow will decide it all. if the a's win tomorrow may win the west. they'll get a best of five playoff series. if they lose they'll be a wild card team forcing them into a one game playoff scenario.
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trying to knock the dodgers out of contention. giants lead 1-0. all the way to the bottom of the ninth. giants are up 4-3. two outs, tying run at second. bid to tie the baseball game. not going to get down. pagan is there. giants win had 4-3. in 2005 adam greene berg was hit in the head by a pitch. he didn't play in the majors again. until today with the marlins. here's a top five. >> this is the start of hopefully part two of my career. that's what i'm most grateful for. >> he struck out on all three pitches. what a comeback story.
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-- looks to have the game winning hit. ellsbury makes the grab. number one, miguel cabrera. still leads all three triple crown categories. we'll be back. ,,,, ,,,,
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